Evaluating a quiz or grade item activity automatically

Quiz and grade item activities can be configured for automatic evaluation, meaning that the person’s completion of the activity is determined automatically based on their quiz score or grade on a grade item. Results can be automatically calculated using either the percentage score or grade directly or in conjunction with a percentages holistic rubric.

To automatically evaluate a quiz or grade item activity without using a percentage holistic rubric, set the Assessment Type for the activity to Numeric and then specify an Overall Threshold based on the minimum achievement as a percentage that is acceptable to achieve the activity.

To use a rubric to automatically evaluate a quiz or grade item activity, select a percentages holistic rubric and clear the Manually Assess check box. The user's quiz or grade percentage is automatically mapped to the appropriate achievement level.

You can configure a quiz or grade item activity from the Edit Activity page.

Quiz activities notes

You might also want to turn on the “Automatic Grade” property of the quiz.

Quizzes can be configured to allow users to take multiple attempts. In this case, the quiz’s Overall Grade Calculation setting specifies which attempts will count; highest, lowest, average, etc. A quiz activity that is set for automatic evaluation will take its result based on these settings. This means, for example, that if a quiz is configured to take the average of all attempts as the overall grade, a user might have completed the activity at one moment, and then not at the next after another attempt is made (if they score lower on the second attempt).

Grade item activities notes

Users’ grades can be modified at any time. If a grade is change it might change whether a user has completed an activity.

If a grade item activity is added to a grade item or changed from Manually Evaluate to Automatically Evaluate after grades have been entered, the grades must be re-entered for the rubric achievement.

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