Manually initiating re-evaluation

If your organization uses Manual Re-evaluation, changes that normally trigger re-evaluation do not automatically start the re-evaluation process. You must manually initiate re-evaluation. (Check with site administration if you are not sure whether your organization is using Manual or Automatic re-evaluation.)

If a competency or learning objective is out of date and needs re-evaluation, the system displays a notice on the Results page along with a Re-evaluate button.

This notice will appear on the Results page of all elements affected by a change. For example, if an activity’s Achievement threshold is changed, the notice will appear on the Results page of the activity and all of its parents, all the way up to the competency.

Initiate re-evaluation

  1. On the Competencies List page, click on the competency, learning objective, you want to re-evaluate.

    Note  If you want to re-evaluate results for an activity, click Structure from the Edit Competency or Edit Learning Objective page's action menu, then click on the name of the activity you want to view.

  2. Click Results from the Edit Competency, Edit Learning Objective, or Edit Activity page's action menu.
  3. Click Re-evaluate.

Re-evaluation requests are stored in a queue and processed in sequence. Depending on the number of requests already in the queue, there might be a lengthy delay before your request is processed and your users are re-evaluated.

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