Monitoring the re-evaluation service

Re-evaluation is performed by a service running on a separate thread that processes elements requiring re-evaluation at regular intervals.

When a change triggers re-evaluation, the elements affected are added to a table in the database and processed in order by the re-evaluation service the next time it runs. If automatic re-evaluation is disabled, elements are still added to the database table but they are flagged to be ignored by the re-evaluation service until a user manually requests re-evaluation by clicking the Re-evaluate button on the Results page.

Once an element has been processed by the service, it is removed from the table.

The Competency Service Jobs page lists the elements in the database table. You can monitor whether the service is running by checking whether items are being removed from the list.

Note  The list is not updated automatically. To update the list, click Refresh.

If you have automatic re-evaluation enabled, the oldest items on the list  is the first to be processed; if these items are not removed after a suitable interval (normally the service runs at five-minute intervals), then the service might not be running.

If you are using manual re-evaluation, you must manually initiate re-evaluation for an item on the list, then check to see if the element is removed after a suitable interval.

The permission, See Competency Service Jobs, is required to access the Competency Service Jobs page.

Access the Competency Service Jobs page

Click Competency Service Jobs in the Admin Tools widget, or from the Admin Tools menu on the navbar.


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