Overriding competency results

You can override a user’s result for any competency, learning objective or activity, and manually set it to Complete or Incomplete. An override always take precedence over a user’s actual result; if you override an activity, the system ignores the user’s actual assessment; if you override a learning objective or a competency, it ignores the number of children the user has achieved.

You might use the override feature to mark a learning objective as Incomplete if you deemed a user had completed it unfairly, or to mark a competency as Complete if a user presented alternative evidence that they had met the requirements of the competency (perhaps through prior experience or coursework at another institution).

Note  Override results are displayed with a red asterisk ().

Override a user’s result

  1. On the Competencies List page, click on a competency or learning objective you want to override user results in.

    Note  If you want to override results for an activity, click Structure from the Edit Competency or Edit Learning Objective page's action menu, then click on the name of the activity you want to view.

  2. Click Results from the Edit Competency, Edit Learning Objective, or Edit Activity page's action menu.
  3. On the Results  page, select the users whose results you want to override. Click the Manually override selected users' achievement to Complete icon or  Manually override selected users' achievement to Incomplete icon at the top of the list.

Clear an override

  1. On the Results page, select the users you want to clear an override for.
  2. Click the Clear Override icon at the top of the list.


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