Sharing a competency with other org units

A competency can only be shared with org units beneath the one in which it is created. Competencies created in course offerings cannot be shared because course offerings are always at the bottom of the organization hierarchy.

If you create a competency structure in an org unit and share it with a child org unit, the child org unit's Competencies tool displays the Shared Competency icon beside each shared competency, and the Shared Learning Objective icon displays beside each learning objective nested in the shared competency.

When you share a competency across multiple org units, users can complete the competency and its associated learning objectives in different org units. No matter which org unit a user completes a learning objective in, once it is completed in one org unit, it is completed in all the other org units. When a competency is shared, only the definition becomes available in each org unit. (A competency’s definition is everything in the competency structure except activities.) Each org unit can associate its own activities with the shared learning objectives.

Note  Unlike a learning objective, you can set a competency to "achieved" by requiring users to complete it in any one org unit it is shared to, or you can set a competency to be achieved after users accomplish it in all org units it is shared to. Since users can complete individual learning objectives in each org unit where a competency is available, they can work towards the completion of the competency by completing individual learning objectives as they enroll in different course offerings.

You cannot add or remove a competency's parents or children once the competency is set to Approved or Archived, but you can if it is set to Draft or In Review. If you want to modify a competency structure shared down to your child org unit, you cannot remove the competency structure's existing parents and children, but you can create elements within your child org unit's Competencies tool and add them to the structure.

Share a competency

  1. Click Competencies on the navbar.
  2. On the Competencies List page, choose the competency you want to share.
  3. On the Edit Competency page, click Add Org Units in the Make Competency Available To section.
  4. Select the check boxes for the org units you want to share the competency with. You can use the Search field to find org units.
  5. Choose an option from the Options column (if available):
    • This Org Unit shares the competency with the selected org unit itself (for example, the English department). You can use the Search field to find org units.
    • All Descendants shares the competency with all org units beneath the selected org unit in the organization hierarchy (for example, all org units beneath the Arts faculty, including departments, course templates, and course offerings).
    • All descendants of type shares the competency with org units of the selected type beneath the selected org unit (for example, all course offerings beneath the Arts faculty).

    Note For course offerings, there are no options in the Options column because course offerings are at the bottom of the hierarchy and have no descendants.

  6. Click Insert, then click Save.

Stop sharing a competency

  1. On the Edit Competency page, in the Make Competency Available To section, clear the check boxes beside the org units you no longer want to share this competency with.
  2. Click Save.


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