Status, revision control, and workflow

Note  Competency Status is optional and might be disabled in your organization. If you are not sure whether your organization is using Competency Status, contact your site's administrators.

With the Status feature you can:

When Status is enabled, each competency can have one of four statuses: Draft, In Review, Approved, or Archived. Each status is associated with a permission; users can only see the competencies with statuses matching their permissions. If you only have permission to see draft competencies, you cannot see competencies with any of the other statuses, and if a competency’s status is changed from Draft to In Review, you can no longer see it.

When different user roles are set up for each status permission, the status property can be used to route competencies to the appropriate users—for example, changing a competency’s status from Draft to In Review removes it from the list of users who create new competencies and make it appear in the list for users who review and approve them.

Competency Status also provides revision control. Each status places certain restrictions on what can be done with a competency and how it behaves; for example, you can add a new learning objective to a Draft competency but not to an Archived one. This is to help keep incomplete competencies separate from ones that users are actively working to complete, and to prevent changes to competencies once they are approved.

Learning objectives and activities

Status can only be set for competency elements (not learning objectives or activities) and applies to the entire structure beneath the competency, including any attached learning objectives. So if a user can only see Approved competencies, they cannot see a learning objective attached to a Draft competency since the Draft status applies to the entire structure.

Note  Sub-competencies have their own status; the status of a competency does not apply to its attached sub-competencies (if any).

Organizations not using the Status feature

If status has been disabled for your organization, all competencies are visible to all users (unless they are explicitly hidden), and there are no restrictions on when competencies can be edited or evaluated.


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