Tracking competency versions

Each competency element has a “Ready for Versioning” property. If you set this property to “Yes,” the system retains a backup copy of the competency’s previous definition version and increment the version number of the competency by 1 (beginning with version 1). For example, if you have a competency that is currently at version 7 and you you add a new learning objective, the system keeps a copy of the old version and change the competency’s version number to 8.

The competency definition includes everything in the competency structure except activities. Changes that create a new version include:

You cannot track learning objective versions. Because activities are not part of a competency’s definition, they are not stored with the previous versions of a competency as learning objectives are.

Currently there is no way to access previous versions of a competency; however, your organization might want to begin tracking competency versions in case functionality is introduced in future releases of the product that provides access to competency versions.

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