Viewing and managing independent learning objectives and assessments

The Independent Learning Objectives and Independent Assessments pages list learning objectives and assessments not attached to a parent. Both pages have the same function, but are for different types of elements.

Access the Independent Learning Objectives and Independent Assessments pages

In the Competencies tool's Advanced View, click Independent Learning Objectives or Independent Assessments in the navigation pane.

Note  If you don't see the navigation pane, you must switch views.

Attach an independent learning objective or assessment to a parent

  1. Click the Add Parent icon beside the element you want to attach to a parent.
  2. Browse and select the check box beside each competency or learning objective you want to attach the element to.

    Note  On the Search tab, you can use the Search For field to find a specific competency or learning objective.

  3. Click Add Selected.

Delete independent learning objectives or assessments

  1. Select the check boxes beside the elements to delete.
  2. Click the Delete Selected icon at the top of the list.

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