Working with nested competencies

Nested competencies include a sub-competency (one competency attached to another). Because two different competencies are involved, this has special implications for Status.

With nested competencies, the top-level competency and the sub-competency have their own status settings. For example, one competencies status might be Approved while the other is Draft.

Changing definitions in nested competencies

The sub-competency, while part of the definition of the top-level competency, also has its own definition. Whether changes can be made to the definition of the sub-competency depends only on the status of the sub-competency.

For example, if your sub-competency is set to Draft, then you can remove any attached learning objectives or activities, even if the parent competency’s status is Approved. If, however, your sub-competency’s status is Approved, then you cannot remove any learning objectives or activities, even if the parent competency’s status is Draft.

Re-evaluation of user progress

If changes are made to a Draft sub-competency, while the top-level (or parent) competency is Approved, these changes do not cause a re-evaluation of the top-level (parent) competency. The parent competency is only re-evaluated when the updated sub-competency’s status is changed to Approved.

Visible to learners

A competency is only visible to learners if its status is Approved. Therefore, if a sub-competency and its parent are both Approved, then learners can see the full structure of both competencies. (This is because a sub-competency is also a competency in its own right.)

Moreover, if a sub-competency is Approved but the parent competency is Draft, course participants only see the sub-competency structure. However, if a sub-competency is draft and the parent competency is Approved, then course participants see only see the parent competency by itself and the rest of its structure, but not the sub-competency or any of its structure.

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