Creating new modules

You must create a module before you can add topics. You can create modules within existing modules to establish a deeper hierarchy.

Note  If your course is SCORM 2004-compliant then any new modules you create are outside the sequencing and navigation built into the SCORM package. SCORM topics have the SCO icon beside their titles.

Create a new module

  1. Click Content on the navbar to access the Manage Content page.
  2. Select New Module from the Add Content action menu.
  3. You can edit the parent from the Parent Module drop-down list:
    • Select None if you don’t want the module to be a sub-module.
    • Select a module from the list of existing modules if you want it to be a
  4. Type your module title in the Title field.
  5. You can type in a Short Title as an option. If you don’t specify a short title, Learning Environment uses the Title field.
  6. If you want to exclude this module from the numbering system, select the Hide Enumeration check box. For example, hiding enumeration on an introductory module does not affect the numbering on later modules.
  7. Click Save and Close if you are done editing your module. If you want to add Restrictions, Comments, or Objectives to your module, you can either click Save to save your page changes before switching tabs, or navigate to another tab to have the system save your changes automatically. Click Done to exit the New Module page.
    Option Procedure
    Hide a module from participants’ views Click the Restrictions tab and select the Hide this module check box. All topics beneath this module are also hidden.
    Set date/time restrictions Click the Restrictions tab and select Has Start Date and Has End Date to set date and time restrictions. Select the Display in Calendar check box to make the days visible to users.
    Set release conditions
    1. Click the Restrictions tab.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To set pre-existing release conditions to the topic, click Attach Existing and select the conditions from the list in the pop-up window.
      • To create new conditions and attach them to the topic, click Create and Attach. For details on creating release conditions, refer to Release Conditions.
    3. Choose whether access to the module is dependent on meeting all or any of your conditions.
    Add comments

    Click the Comments tab.

    • To add comments that only you can see, type your comments into the Personal Comments text field.
    • To add comments, type your comments into the Shared Designer Comments.
    Associate module with learning objectives
    1. Click the Objectives tab.
    2. Click Associate Learning Objectives.
    3. Browse or Search for the learning objective you want to associate with the module.
    4. Click Add Selected.


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