Editing course offering properties

You can edit the properties of your course offering from the Course Offering Information page.

Access the Course Offering Information page

Do one of the following:

Editing course colors

You can enhance the appearance of your course and help users identify your course more easily by modifying the colors used in the interface. Learning Environment uses three color settings to render the areas within a course:

Select a new color

  1. On the Course Offering Information page, click the drop-down list beside either Dark Color, Light Color, or Soft Color.
  2. Select one of the predefined colors from the palette or specify a custom color by doing the following:
    1. Enter the hex value for the custom color in the HEX field below the palette.
    2. Click the Preview Hex Color icon.
    3. Click the custom color chip at the bottom right of the palette.
  3. Click Save.

Editing the course locale

If your organization supports multiple locales, you can change the default locale used for your course offering by selecting a different locale from the Locale drop-down list on the Course Offering Information page.

Normally users can specify their own locale within their preferences. If you want to override their locale preference so that all users see the same locale in your course, select the Force Locale check box. You might use this if you are teaching a language immersion course and want all the cultural formatting and text in the course offering to reflect the language you are teaching.

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