Setting up course tools

Course tools, such as Quizzes, Content, Discussions, Chat, Grades, etc., are course components that you add to your course offering to share learning content, foster interaction, and evaluate performance. You can turn course tools on and off so that the tools available in your course are specifically tailored to your pedagogy and course materials. You can also rename tools and edit a tool's help text.

Access the Tools page

Do one of the following:

Activate or deactivate a tool

  1. On the Tools page, select the tools you want to turn on (activate) or turn off (deactivate).
  2. Click Set Active or  Set Inactive at the top or bottom of the list.

Note  Some activated tools can only be accessed from the navbar or homepage widgets.

Restore a tool’s default state

On the Tools page, select the tool and click Reset Default at the top or bottom of the list.

Note   Deactivating a tool does not delete any items or user data inside the tool, it simply hides the tool from your course offering. If you turn the tool back on, it restores the data.

Before disabling a tool, be aware of the following:

  • Release Conditions based on the tool are not enforced as long as the tool remains disabled.
  • Competency activities associated with the tool are hidden, but are still associated with any learning objectives to which they are attached. Users cannot complete these learning objectives while the tool is disabled. You should detach or delete any activities associated with a tool before disabling the tool.
  • Grade items associated with the tool remain, but you must manually update them in the grade book.
  • Quicklinks to the tool’s items persist but a “No Resource Found” message is displayed when they are followed. You should remove any related Quicklinks when you deactivate a tool. You may not be able to delete others' Quicklinks.
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