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The homepage is the first page you see when you view the organization's My Home page or enter a course. The typical homepage contains various "widgets". Widgets are sections of content that provide information and links to tools, courses, and personal settings. The homepage can also be a Learning Environment tool, such as News or Content, or an external URL.

Widgets are the "building blocks" of homepages. You can create, edit, delete, customize, and preview the widgets in your organization.

There are two types of widgets available for your homepages:

System widgets are available as part of Learning Environment and cannot be edited or deleted, but you can remove them from a homepage or move them to a different section of a homepage using the Homepage Management tool. Additionally, you can change the appearance of system widgets using the same properties as custom widgets (i.e., border style, title bar color and more).

Custom widgets allow you to expand the functionality of available content in your homepages to suit your specific organizational and/or course needs. You can add custom HTML code to create a wide range of widgets. As an Instructor, you can create custom widgets for your courses, or use custom widgets shared from the organization level to your course offerings.

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