Editing widget display

You can customize the following aspects of system or custom widgets for your homepages.:

Access widget display settings

Do one of the following:

A widget with a gradient fill type and an inset
border style.
A widget with a sold fill type and a groove
border style.

Edit widget display

To Do this
Hide the titlebar Clear Display Titlebar
Set a custom title Choose Custom in the Titlebar Text section, and enter text
Change the font color of the title Select a font color from the Color picker in the Titlebar Text area
Change the background of the titlebar
  • Select Gradient or Solid from the Fill Type drop-down list.
  • Tip  A gradient fill type creates a three-dimensional look for your homepage.

  • Choose a color style: soft, light, or dark. These colors are set by your administrator.
  • Or, select a custom color for the background of your widget's titlebar.
  • Note  If you select a gradient fill type, two color pickers appear: the gradient's top color on the left, and bottom on the right.

Change the border
  • Clear Display Border to remove the widget's border
  • Select a line type from the Border Style from the drop-down list
  • Choose a border color from the color picker.
  • Select a border width from the Width drop-down list

Note  To help you meet visual accessibility standards, there is a built-in WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guideline) checker on the Widget Settings page. Be aware that if you choose a shade that does not meet these guidelines (for example, the contrast between the text color and the background color is too low), the check mark by WCAG AA will be replaced by a warning or error icon to alert you to possible accessibility issues.


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