Managing Locations

  1. Setting a location as active or inactive
  2. Resetting a layout

Setting a location as active or inactive

At the course level, the Locations tool is used to define which locations you want to use in your course and customize the seating arrangements for your seating charts. By default, all of the organization locations are inactive and you need to choose which locations you want to use in your course and set them active.

Active locations are locations available for use in current courses and events. You can add active locations and associated seating charts to your courses. Active locations appear in Calendar events. You can associate an active location and associated seating chart with scheduled events to create a session and track attendance and participation of your students using Seating Chart.

Making a location inactive removes it from the list of active locations and prevents you from creating a seating chart for the location. Inactive locations do not appear in Calendar events. To view inactive locations, click All.

Set a location as active or inactive

  1. On the Locations page, select the check box beside the name of the location you want to make active or inactive.
  2. Click Set Active or Set Inactive.

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Resetting a layout

If you have customized layouts for individual courses, you can revert back to the original org-level layout from within your course.

You can also rearrange seating layouts by clicking on the seats to turn them on or off.

Reset a layout

  1. Click the location name.
  2. Click Reset Layout from the More Actions button.


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