Entering metadata in multiple languages

If you are using the advanced interface, you can specify the language of your metadata and you can enter data for a single field in multiple languages. In the basic interface, you cannot specify metadata language.

For example, you could enter a description in English, Spanish, and French. Alternatively, a resource might already have English metadata that you want to translate into Spanish. In this case you would add a Spanish value for each field and then translate each field’s information.

Specify a field’s language (advanced interface only)

On the Edit Metadata page for the module or topic you want to modify, select the appropriate language from the drop-down list in the Language column for the corresponding field.


Add additional languages to a field (advanced interface only)

  1. Click Add a Language from the context menu of the field you want to add a language to.

  2. Select the languages to add.
  3. Click Add Selected.


Tip  You can add a language to all fields by clicking clicking Add Language to all from the Language drop-down list.

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