Metadata views

A view determines how metadata is structured, including what fields are displayed, their order, and their restrictions.

Learning Environment includes three base metadata views that implement widely used metadata standards:

These base views differ significantly in their included fields, their field organization, and the type of metadata information they support.

It also includes other views:

The underlying structures of the three base views are unique from one another and as such the three view families are also unique. Metadata entered through a view in one family is stored in a different way than metadata entered through a view from a different family; when a user switches views between families, they access entirely different metadata.

Changing metadata views

Switching views can lead to conflicts. See Troubleshooting conflicts for information about resolving conflicts.

You lose unsaved changes when you switch views.

Change your view

On the Edit Metadata page for the module or topic you want to modify, select a view from the Select a view drop-down list.

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