Understanding metadata templates

A template is a collection of predefined values that users can use to quickly add standard metadata to a resource. Templates enable you to quickly apply standard metadata to resources that have duplicate information, saving you from re-entering the same information for each resource.

Templates can include static information that is the same every time the template is applied and dynamic information based on replace strings that is updated from the current time, location, and user when the template is applied.

For example, if members of an anthropology department are cataloguing images of pottery shards from a site, they can use a template to automatically fill in standard data associated with all of the images including the resource type, format, associated keywords, etc.

Applying a metadata template

Templates are associated with specific views, so you might not have access to a template depending on the view you are using. Talk to site administration to learn more about the templates available to you.

Applying a template clears all existing metadata, including metadata not visible in the current view.

Import metadata from a template

  1. Click Content on the navbar.
  2. Click Edit Metadata for the module or topic you want to modify.
  3. Select a template from the Apply a template drop-down list.


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