Setting up Self Registration

The following information assumes that the DOME configuration variables and security permissions have been enabled.

  1. Enable self registration in a course offering
  2. Edit self registration settings
  3. Editing registration information
  4. Editing registration restrictions
  5. Creating registration forms
  6. Associating a registration form with a course

Enable self registration in a course offering

  1. Click Edit Course on the course navbar.
  2. On the Course Offering Information page, select Users can self-register.
  3. Click Save.

Edit self registration settings

  1. Click Edit Course on the course navbar.
  2. Click Self-Registration. The Registration List page is displayed.

Editing registration information

The Info page contains the basic Self Registration settings for the current course. You can update these settings on a course by course basis.

Update your course's self registration settings

  1. Access the Registration tool.
  2. Click Info.
  3. Enter a description of the course for users who are self-registering in the Course Offering Info field.
  4. Choose a Role to Register as from the drop-down list to specify which role users who are self enrolling are registered as.
  5. Check Send Enrollment Emails if you want the system to automatically send an email to users that register in your course. The system will send the “Enrollment” and “New User” email templates to users that are successfully enrolled in the course.
  6. Check Approve Enrollments if you want to approve users before they are granted access to the course. Users will receive a message indicating their request has been received and is subject to review and approval. If cleared, users are automatically enrolled and granted access to the course (as long as the course is not date-restricted or inactive).
  7. Check Allow New Users if you want your course to be available to persons that do not already have a user account for Learning Environment.


    If both Approve Enrollments and Allow New Users are checked, any new users that self-register and are not approved are automatically deleted from the system. They will not gain access to any areas of Learning Environment unless their registration is approved.

    New users cannot self-register for courses that have prerequisites associated with them.

  8. Click Add Co-requisites to add any Co-requisites for the course. Co-requisites are additional org units in which users should be enrolled when they register for the current course. For example, registering in BIOL*101 will automatically register the user in BIOL*102 and BIOL*103 if they are defined as co-requisites.

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Editing registration restrictions

The Registration Restrictions page allows you to set date restrictions for enrollment and specify the maximum number of registrations you will accept and any pre- or anti-requisites.

Update your course's self registration restrictions

  1. Access the Registration tool.
  2. Click Restrictions.
  3. Check Registration Start Date and Registration End Date and select the appropriate dates from the drop-down lists or calendar icons to specify when registration will begin and end for the current course.

    The course will only appear for users on the Self-Registration page during the window of time you specify here (courses are always visible for users with cascading permissions). The registration start/end dates are independent of the course start/end dates.

  4. Enter the maximum number of self registrations for the course in the Self Registration Limit field.

    The Self Registration Limit is compared against the number of users that have self-registered and have an Enrollment Status of either Approved or Unassessed. If the limit is met, the Course Offering will no longer be available for self-registration.


    If you attempt to set the Self Registration Limit higher than the value defined in the D2l.Tools.CMS.maxSelfRegistrations DOME variable it causes an error, and the system automatically inserts the maximum valued defined in D2l.Tools.CMS.maxSelfRegistrations.

    You should always delete any unapproved enrollments from a course to make room for new registrations.

  5. Enter an email address in the Limit Notification Email field. If/when course enrollment reaches the limit specified in Self Registration Limit, a notification email is sent to the email address in this field.
  6. Specify any Prerequisite Enrollments by clicking Add Prerequisites. Prerequisites are org units to which a user must already belong to see the current course in the Self Registration page (users with cascading permissions can see all courses).
  7. Specify any Excluded Enrollments by clicking Add Excluded Enrollments. Excluded enrollments (or anti-requisites) are org units to which a user must NOT already belong to see the current course in the Self Registration page (users with cascading permissions can see all courses).

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Creating registration forms

A registration form contains fields that users must fill in when registering for a course. A course must have an associated registration form before users can self-register for it.

Registration forms can be created at the course offering or organization level. Organization-level forms can be used in all courses. If most of your courses need to gather the same information from users when they self-register, it is recommended that you create a standard registration form at the organization level so all courses can use it.

Create a new registration form

  1. Access the Registration tool.
  2. On the Registration List page, click Form, then click New Form.
  3. Enter a Form Name.
  4. Click Save Form.
  5. Click Add System Field if you want to use a standard system field in your form.
    1. Check the applicable fields and check the corresponding boxes in the Is Required column if they should be required fields.
    2. Click Add. The Add System Field page closes and the selected fields display in the Edit Registration Form page.
  6. Click Add Custom Field to create a new field for the form.
    1. Enter a Field Name.
    2. Enter a Field Description. This text is displayed to users if they click the gray Help icon next to the field in the registration form.
    3. Check Is Required if the field is mandatory.
    4. Choose a Data Type from the drop-down list. This defines what kind of information the field will gather. Depending on the Data Type you choose, you are presented with additional options.
    5. Click Add. Your new custom field displays in the Edit Registration Form page.
  7. Click Save Form when you have completed your form.
  8. Click Go Back to return to the Registration Form page.

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Associating a registration form with a course

A course must have an associated a registration form before you can list it on the Self Registration page. The information gathered by these fields can be viewed on the Registration Report page. See Viewing self registration reports for details.

If a course does not have an associated registration form, a warning appears on the Course Offering Information page.

Associate a registration form with a course

  1. Click Edit Course on the course navbar.
  2. Click Self-Registration.
  3. Click Form.
  4. On the Registration Form page, select the radio button next to the applicable registration form.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The name of the selected registration form is displayed at the top of the page.

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