Understanding Self Registration

Learning Environment’s Self Registration tool allows users to enroll themselves in courses that have the self registration feature enabled. The self registration process can be completely customized by creating custom registration forms and setting various options to best suit your needs. You can even define whether self registrations require approval before the registrants are fully enrolled in a course.

Once you have set up the Self Registration tool, users can simply click the Self Registration link on the My Home navbar when they log in to Learning Environment site. They will then be shown a list of courses they are eligible to register for, and can register by clicking on the name of the applicable course and filling out the registration form.

Self Registration gives you the option of allowing only persons that have Learning Environment accounts (existing users) to enroll in a specific course, or allowing both existing and new users to enroll in a course. The latter option is called “external registration,” and places a Self Registration link on your organization’s Learning Environment login page.

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