Setting up release conditions

You set up a release condition on the edit page of the item you want to restrict. For example, if you want to attach a condition to a content topic, you would go to the edit page for that content topic and create your condition from there.

Attach a release condition

  1. Go to the edit page for the item you want to attach the condition to and locate the release conditions area. (See the documentation for the appropriate tool for help editing items in that tool.)
  2. Click Create and Attach.
  3. Select the Condition Type and complete the Condition Details.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Choose whether access to the item is dependent on meeting all or any of your conditions.
  6. Click Save if applicable.

Special considerations

Condition Notes

Content – All Content Topics Visited

This condition requires users to visit all modules within your course. You cannot specify only a single module. If you want to create a condition that would make a tool available only after a user has completed a specific module, create a condition using the Content Topic Visited option and require that they visit the last topic within the applicable content module.

Discussions – Discussion Messages Authored in Topic

If messages posted to the selected topic require approval, this condition is only satisfied once messages are approved.

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