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Reporting Scores and Uploading to D2L

There are two methods you can use to upload scores to D2L


Here are the steps for manually importing Clicker sessions into D2L.

In TurningPoint:

  • Go to Tools;TurningReports
  • Select the session you want to generate the report for
  • Click Reports (or double click the session)
  • Select Participant Results Report; Graded Participant Results (Point values)
  • Click Generate Report in the lower right of the window

In the Excel File Report

  • Delete everything except the Username column and the Total Points column
  • Select all the numbers in the total points column, then click the exclamation point icon and select Convert to Number

In D2L

  • Go to Grades
  • Click Export Grades
  • Select Key Field: Username; and Grade Values: Points Grade
  • Under Choose Grades to Export select only the column you wish to add scores to (Note: this column should be prepared already with the appropriate maximum point value)
  • Click Export to CSV
  • Click the file link in the popup and Open (or Save and then open)

In Excel

  • In the D2L Export Excel file select row one and copy it
  • Open the modified TurningPoint Report Excel file, select row one and paste the column headers from the D2L Export
  • Beneath the End-of-Line Indicator (column C, row 2) type a #
  • Click and hold the lower-right corner of the cell and drag the cursor down to the last row of the spreadsheet that contains an entry- if successful the # should be copied into the cells of column C.
  • The information in the spreadsheet should look like this


  • Click Save As
  • Next to Save As Type choose CSV (comma delimited)
  • Save the file in a location from which it will soon be retrieved

In D2L

  • Click Import Grades
  • Click Browse
  • Select the CSV file containing the TurningPoint Report data that was just saved and click open
  • In D2L, click Next (and Next again if any errors are detected)
  • Click Import