About Themes

Themes enable you to customize and brand the look and feel of navbars and page backgrounds. Themes do not control the type of links navbars can contain. When you create a theme, there are two areas you can customize styles for: the navbar layout and the page background.

Navbar layouts consist of style panels in various arrangements, providing options on how you want logos, titles, and links to appear. Customize style panels by modifying features such as font, background color, image, borders, margins, alignment, and hover effects. Similar to navbar layouts, you can also customize the look and feel of a page background by modifying the entire page background, left page background, and right page background areas.


If your permissions do not allow you to create themes, you must select from existing themes or use the Default Theme.

Themes created in an org unit are automatically shared with child org units.

Themes created at the course level cannot be shared with other courses, but you can create and store them inside a course template to make them available in course offerings that use the course template.

Access Themes from a course offering level

Do one of the following:

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