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New in D2L 10

"This release is focused on making the experience more engaging,
inspiring, and addressing the unique needs of each learner, lifelong."
- John Baker, President & CEO, Desire2learn

Feature changes

  • Instructors and course designers can now export and import rubrics in Desire2Learn from your organization and courses using Import/Export/Copy Course Components. Instructors and course designers can now easily share rubrics with colleagues
  • Desire2Learn iPad app for grading
  • "Must post first" option in Discussions to require students to post a message before being able to view classmates' posts
  • Option for instructors to bulk release dropbox feedback to students simultaneously once all submissions are graded, rather than releasing feedback on a student-by-student basis
  • Notifications are now available in the alerts area of the minibar so that students can monitor cross-course activity as they complete work in a particular course
  • Instructors can publish feedback to all students simultaneously after they have finished assessing submissions or on a student by student basis

User Interface Changes

  • A new top minibar that provides persistent access to courses, alerts and personal settings
  • Redesigned navigation tool that allows links to be grouped in menus for a focused and streamlined navigation experience
  • Stylistic updates across all tools for a more modern look and feel
  • Interaction design changes in major tools to help focus users' attention, reduce errors, and simplify page designs

For a full list of changes to D2L in version 10, click here.