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Welcome to Learning Technology

Frequently Asked Questions about the LTC

Who can use the facilities of the Learning Technology Center?

The mission of the LTC is to serve the instructional technology needs of UW-Green Bay faculty and staff. Therefore, you must be UW-Green Bay faculty or staff or a student working on a specific project for an instructor (not a class assignment) to use the LTC facilities.

The LTC assists students with technical problems using D2L, for example, not able to log in. Students with technical problems should contact the LTC at 465.2286 (M-F, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, or voice mail 24/7) or Non-technical, course-related questions, for example, a student wants an extension on an assignment, should always be addressed to the instructor, as they would in any face-to-face course.

The LTC is set up to support faculty and staff. Students looking for technical help in any area other than D2L should check with the student consultants in the General Access Computer Lab (also located in the Instructional Services building). These student consultants are trained to assist students needing technical help with standard computer applications.

What can I do at the LTC?

You can consult with instructional design and pedagogical experts on questions involving technology and the teaching and learning process. You can get personal support sessions on using D2L for online learning, designing web pages (through the Web Development office), setting up presentations, creating digital video, and much much more. You can use any of the hardware peripherals or software packages that the LTC offers to UWGB faculty and staff and get individual attention if you have questions.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just stop in?

In many cases you can just stop in. The LTC is open from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday. If you prefer, you call ahead and reserve the equipment you require so you know it's available when you arrive. Also, if you want to meet to discuss a specific question or issue you should call ahead to set up a time when the appropriate people are on hand and available. LTC: x2286.

Does it cost anything to use the Learning Technology Center or take a workshop?

In most cases, there is no charge for instructional technology services at the LTC. However, there are unusual circumstances when we must limit our role and other times when we must charge back for some of our services. For more information see our chargeback policy.

Can I get someone from the LTC to scan my slide collection, put my course online, etc for me?

The Learning Technology Center simply does not have the resources to do this for instructors. We are available, however, to help you or your student workers do so, or give you training.

I've checked out a digital camera from Media Services, how do I get the pictures on to a disk, or my account?

If you have problems getting digital pictures from your camera, bring the camera to the Learning Technology Center and use one of our flash card readers. The reader acts like a disk drive and the files show up just like they would on any disk. You can open, view, copy, and move the files like you would any other. If the LTC is open, someone will be here to assist you.

Can I check out software from the Learning Technology Center?

Sorry, all Learning Technology Center software is licensed for in-house use only. Depending on what package you are interested in, your department may be able to purchase it at a substantial discount from the DoIt WISC site.

How do I contact the Learning Technology Center and where is it located?

The Learning Technology Center is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and is located in the Information Services building, room 1008 near Media Services and the General Access Computer Lab. We can be reached at 920.465.2286 (includes voicemail). The LTC can be contacted via email at

Last updated: July 6, 2007