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Using Camtasia Relay

  • Click the Camtasia Relay icon on your desktop
  • Enter your network username and password
  • Click Login button
  • Select the profile that corresponds to your course
  • Enter Title (e.g., comm122_sept8)
  • Click the microphone icon to Select Microphone Audio (press OK when audio is selected)
  • Click Record button
  • Select the display area you wish to record
  • When finished, click stop button in the controls window

In the Review window

  • OPTIONAL: Click trimming to remove audio from beginning and/or end of session
  • OPTIONAL: Review the recording using play, rewind, and fast forward controls
  • OPTIONAL: Change title and/or description
  • Click Submit
  • Sessions will automatically be sent to your Mediasite catalog for the course, as long as the correct profile was selected in step 4. Allow for 24 hours before the video is available. You and your students need to log in to the Mediasite catalog with a network username and password.

About Microphones:

If you are recording lectures in your classroom, you will use the wireless Audio Technica microphone. Make sure it is on by holding the on button until the light is solid green.

You know your microphone is working if the audio level indicator is showing activity in Camtasia Relay, before clicking record.