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Using Mediasite

  • Start a session on the AMX touchscreen as you normally would
  • Recording begins (and ends) automatically
  • If you play a DVD you have to select the DVD/VHS option on both AMX and the input switch mounted next to it, but not in mediasite (the video will automatically play in the video capture window)

There is a camera and monitor on top of the mediasite cabinet. The monitor displays some useful information about what you are recording:


The display also indicates the volume of your audio. This is a good way to ensure that sound is being captured:


When you are done with your session, turn off the mediasite monitor (power button in lower right of monitor) to save power and to prevent other non-lecture capture instructors from being confused. This also means that you may have to turn the monitor on when beginning a session.

You should have a key to the Mediasite cabinet. The cabinet contains the microphone you will use to record your voice. Make sure the microphone is turned off and returned and the cabinet is locked at the end of class.


ATS will support any and all questions about lecture capture. We are available for one-on-one sessions by appointment (or possibly drop-in depending on availability), we can be reached by phone or email, and we will be continually revising our support documentation online: