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Creating Enhanced Podcasts with GarageBand ‘08

Enhanced Podcasts add an element of interactivity by including pictures, URLs, and chapter markers.  However, Enhanced Podcasts can only be exported as an AAC file as opposed to a generic mp3 file.

Getting Started

Click on the Podcast Track and open the Podcast Track Editor

You can now add Markers in your Podcast to display new pictures and links.

To do so, find a picture in the media browser or on your computer, and drag the picture in the Podcast Track.

Each picture can be positioned, lengthened and shortened the same way as adjusting loops.

Images added to Timeline

To add URLs to important sites use the Podcast Track Editor.

Each picture added has a URL field. Links can be Copied and Pasted into these fields.

Podcast Track Editor


Once the Podcast is complete you can export it.

In the Menu Bar select Share and choose Export Podcast to Disk.


You will be prompted to choose the appropriate settings for your Podcast.

Enhanced Podcast can only be exported as an AAC file. Choose Compress Using AAC Encoder

Export Dialog

Once selected, you will be prompted for a file name.

Hit save and your Podcast will be exported.

Saving Project

If you wish to continue working on a Podcast at a later time choose File from the Menu Bar and Select Save As. Give your Podcast and Save. Once the file is reopened you can start where you left off.