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Recording with iMovie ‘08

Getting Started

Click on the iMovie icon in your Dock. (It can also be found in Macintosh HD/Applications)


Main Window

Recording Video

To begin recording, select the Camera Import button.



The window opens, if no DV Camera is connected to the computer, but there is a Built-In iSight Camera, the window will default to the iSight.

To begin Recording, press Capture. iMovie will ask where you want to save the movie.

Next, iMovie will ask if you want to Create New Event or Add to Existing Event. Choose Create New Event and give it a name.

Create New Event

Press OK and iMovie will begin recording.

When finished Recording, press Done.

You will notice that the clips have been added to the Source Library as well as the Events Library.

Moving your cursor over each clip, you will notice that it quickly plays through the viewer. This allows for finding the best parts of your video quickly and easily.

To select the clips you want to use click at the beginning of the area you want to use.
Click and Drag across the clips as if you were selecting text.


Once selected, Click and Drag the selected clips into the iMovie Project Pane.

Drag to Project Pane

Adding Polish

iMovie ’08 comes with dozens of effects, transitions, and titles to choose from in the main Tool Bar.

To add a title, select the Title icon in the main toolbar.


Choose a title and Drag it to the Project Pane

  1. Dropping the title in front of the clips will create a black background
  2. Dropping the title on clips allows titles to float on top of the video.

Once added the viewer allows you to change the Title text, fonts and colors.

Editing Title

Once the Title has been added, the text, font, color, size, can be customized.

To Add Transitions click the Transitions icon. Inside there are various transitions to choose from. Select a transition and drag it to the desired location.



Once editing is complete, you can export your video Podcast. To do so, select Share from the Menu Bar.

Share Export Movie

Choose Export Movie.

Export Options

In the Export As: Field, give your movie a file name.

Next, choose the destination for the exported movie.

In the Export Size section, select the Medium option. This will provide adequate video quality for multiple devices. Movies will export as a .m4v playable by QuickTime, iTunes, and VLC.

Export Using QuickTime

Select Share from the Menu Bar

Choose Export Movie with QuickTime

Movie to MPEG-4

Movies can be exported as MPEG-4 or the iPod preset (playable with iTunes and Quicktime).


iMovie ’08 automatically saves all of your videos, edits, and changes. Simply close the program and relaunch it when you are ready to make more changes.