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Recording With Windows Movie Maker

Getting Started

Open Windows Movie Maker by Navigating to Start > All Programs > Windows Movie Maker.


main window

  1. Movie Tasks              2.Collections              3. Viewer        4.Timelin

Recording Video

In the left pane titled “Movie Tasks” select Capture from Video Device.

capture video

The Video Capture Wizard will appear. Inside select the appropriate camera and microphone.

camera wizard

Once selected, choose next.
The Wizard will now request a file name for the video as well as a location to save. Once selected, choose Next.


The Wizard will ask for the video quality, select Best quality for playback on my computer


capture wizard

To begin recording, select Start Capture
Once finished, choose Stop Capture. This moves the recorded movie into Windows Movie Maker’s Collection Pane.

collection pane


Select a clip and drag it to the timeline.

Once the clips have been added, play through the movie. If there is any unnecessary footage it can be removed by splitting the clips. Generally, the first 2 to 5 seconds footage shot can be cropped.

Drag the play head to the beginning of the footage you wish to keep.


Press the Split Clip icon. This will split our clip into two parts.


Select the clip you do not want to keep navigate to Edit and Delete.

Cropping footage from the middle of the movie requires two splits. One split at the beginning of the unusable footage and a split at the end of the unusable footage. This method creates a new clip that can be selected and removed.

Adding Titles

To add a title, select Make Titles or Credits from the Edit Movie Pane.
You will be asked to choose where you want to place the title.


Choose Title at the beginning.

Movie Maker now asks for your title and provides options for colors and fonts. When complete, choose Add title to movie.

When adding titles, Movie Maker’s view will shift from Timeline to Storyboard. To toggle back to Timeline, press Show Timeline

Once completed, repeat the process of making a title for the end of the movie.

Adding Transitions

To add a transition, select View Transition Effects from the Edit Movie pane.

The Collections Pane displays all the transitions available. Similar to clips, Transitions can be dragged into the timeline.

Select a Transition and Drag it in between the titles and video.



Once the movie is complete, you can export the file.
Under Finish Movie select Save to my Computer

Movie Maker will launch the Save Movie Wizard prompting you to give the movie a file name and destination for the saved file. When completed choose Next.


Select Other Settings and from the drop down menu choose High Quality (Small) and choose Next
The movie will be saved and available for playback.