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Recording Video with QuickTime Pro 7 (Mac OS X)

Recording with Video (Mac Only)

To begin, select File and New Movie Recording. A new window will open featuring video from your camera, a length, level meter, size, volume control, and the record button


To begin recording, press the Record button, to stop recording press the Stop button. By default a file called will automatically be saved to your desktop.

Once stopped, the Recorder will change its appearance to a traditional media player.

Media Player

Editing the Movie

Editing the movie is exactly the same as editing audio. Notice the Playhead and the selectors below it.


To remove a section of video, drag the front selector to the end of the unwanted video.


Select Edit and Cut. This will remove the unwanted video.

Exporting the Movie

To export the movie, select File and Export.

Under the Save As give the movie recording a name.

Navigate to where you want your file saved.

Next, choose an export preset from the drop down menu.  Inside you will find several options

Save As

Ideal Settings for Web distribution

Choose the Movie to-MPEG 4 for the best results. Select Options and input the following information:

Video size: 320x240 Pixels
Frame Rate: 15
Data Rate: 300 kbps