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Chargeback Policy for the Learning Technology Center

Instructional Design Support

Support for instructional technology is the primary mission of the LTC. Instructional technology support covers pedagogical issues, course management systems (D2L, in our case), less commonly used technologies (e.g., wikis), student clickers in the classroom, scanning, image editing, presentations, creating PDF files, and much more.

In general, the LTC does not charge for instructional technology support, however, the resources of the LTC are limited. The scope and nature of assistance necessary for some large projects require the LTC staff to make decisions on how much support the LTC can provide. Under special circumstances, if significant ongoing production resources are required, a chargeback may become necessary.

Before a project requiring a chargeback is undertaken, an agreement will be drawn up that outlines the scope of the project, the cost, and a timeline. If the scope of the project should change, the agreement will be revisited and costs adjusted.