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Updates to Qualtrics

May 18, 2011

  • Scheduled Email Triggers: Email triggers will be able to be scheduled for a future date. This will you allow to do things like having a respondent, or another person, receive an email 3 days or a week or a month after finishing the survey.
  • Min / Max Time: You will be able to create a minimum / maximum time for respondents to spend on a page.
  • Smarter Quotas: Users will have extra options when a quota being met ends the current survey. New option End Current Survey with options on how to end it. These will assist users purchasing panels.
  • Social Media Distribution: The Social Media Distribution option will offer 11 social media services for sharing. These will include tweeting a survey, liking a survey and much more.
  • Custom Opt-Out Link Text: Opt Out Links will be able to be inserted with custom text. This will be done from the Survey Links piped text menu.

January 12, 2011

  • Refreshed Interface: The Qualtrics interface will be refreshed and include some subtle improvements. We hope you enjoy it, and welcome your feedback!
  • Custom Validation Messages: Qualtrics will allow users to setup custom question validation. Qualtrics can even provide custom question validation based upon responses to previous questions in the survey.
  • Users can also customize the validation error messages (the messages respondents see when they do not pass validation). Validation messages can be created on-they fly, or created in the library section and applied to any survey.
  • Translatable Buttons, Headers and Footers: Forward and back buttons, as well as headers and footers, will be able to include translated versions. These translated elements will be presented whenever translated survey text is used.
  • Account Statistics for Organization Administrators: Organization administrators will be able to download last login information and usage statistics for each account within their respective organizations. This will allow administrators to more easily track account information including the number of surveys and responses in each account.

November 23, 2010

  • Matrix Range Validation: Users will be able to use Matrix Range Validation. This means users can require a respondent to select a certain number (or somewhere within a range) of statements in a matrix table.
  • In-Line Validation: Complex question types, including Matrix or any question with a Text Entry box, will be able to display individual, specific validation errors to respondents, while simultaneously allowing the question as a whole to have its own errors. This is useful because it will explain to respondents specifically what validation errors need to be corrected.
  • Equations within Surveys: Users will be able to create equations within surveys. This oft-requested feature can be implemented by inserting “$e{ }” into the survey. This will be covered, if requested, during the new features webinar.
  • Cross Tabulation Revamped: The Cross Tabulation feature will be completely reconfigured. “Subtotals” will be shown by default and called “Totals.” Overall totals will be renamed “Question Totals” and will be optional. In addition, users will have the option to show non-responses as part of the Cross Tabulation.
  • Responses in Progress: Users will have the option to view a report of a response that is still in progress.

October 26, 2010

  • Panel Triggers: Panel Triggers will have the option to update panel members.
  • Link Expiration Dates: Users will be able to customize link expiration dates and determine expiration up to the minute.
  • Track Order of Randomized Data: Qualtrics users will be able to view the order that randomized elements were presented to individual respondents.
  • Question Library: The question library will allow users to upload an entire question block to the library, rather than just one question at a time.

September 29, 2010

  • Word Download: Qualtrics users will have the ability to download surveys from Qualtrics to Microsoft Word.
  • File Uploader: This recent feature for enterprise clients will have multiple types of logic available to it. It also will allow users to download all uploaded files in a single .zip file.
  • Automatic Logout Timer: Qualtrics automatically logs out inactive users after one hour of non-use. This new timer will provide a visual warning after 55 minutes. As a note, when a user is logged out, Qualtrics will save any changes that have been made.
  • Distribution Links: This new link type will not create a session until the link is actually clicked by the respondent. This will keep the “Responses in Progress” total more accurate during email distribution.

August 12, 2010

  • Salesforce Integration: Qualtrics will be able to integrate with Salesforce. This integration will include the ability to turn responses into leads and automate survey distribution based on Salesforce workflow rules.
  • Email Distribution UI: The email distribution page will be completely revamped. New menus will make navigation easier and allow increased functionality.
  • Validation: Choices with text entry fields will allow content validation that requires answers to be in the form of email addresses, phone numbers, dates, etc. You will also be able to use “soft validation,” which reminds users they have not answered questions and gives them the option to answer before proceeding.
  • File Upload: The new File Upload question type will allow you to ask respondents to upload a file. You can obtain this file in the View Results section.
  • Analysis & Reporting: Qualtrics Mailer will allow you to distribute reports by email. Also, the responses section will allow you to filter by partial/completed responses.
  • Message Translation: The message library will allow you to translate messages for distribution to multi-lingual audiences.
  • Cross Tabulation: Cross tabulation will allow you to group multiple choices into one column for easier analysis.

July 1, 2010

  • Additional Constant Sum Validation: The Constant Sum question type will have an additional validation option. The “Enforce Range” validation will allow users to specify an acceptable range, rather than only one specific value, that responses must total.
  • Cross Tabulation Percentages: By default, cross tabulation will calculate percentages based upon the number of respondents and not the number of responses in a question. This method has been requested by many of our clients.
  • Users will still have the option to calculate percentages based upon the number of responses under ‘Advanced Options.’
  • Files Library: Qualtrics will have a new file library that will allow users to upload non-executable files and save them in the system, such as documents, javascript, and audio/video files.

June 4, 2010

  • Current survey now shows up in blue, underlined font while the remaining surveys remain black
  • Language translation now available for surveys
  • Slider and constant sum question types now have the option to use decimal values
  • Force response validation can now be selected separately from other validation options
  • Text entry question type can use minimum and maximum character lengths as response validations
  • Individuals can now see their response summary in PDF format upon survey completion
  • Picture upload size increased to 16MB
  • Ability to change color schemes, font sizes, and font color of reports in style editor