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Welcome to Learning Technology

Web Assistance

The LTC will provide assistance for self-managed*, university-affiliated** web content in the following ways:

  1. Assistance using the software interface for Microsoft Expression Web or Adobe Dreamweaver web editing programs for designing and editing web content
  2. Assistance in troubleshooting problems (broken links, "strange" behavior, browser issues, etc.)
  3. Assistance using the Qualtrics survey tool for online forms
  4. Assistance with creating and delivering multimedia on the web (images/audio/video/interactive)
  5. Guidance in determining appropriate web tools (e.g., blog or standard web site)
  6. Determining whether other resources are needed for your web content (e.g., submitting a request for the web services or MIS project queue)

* "self-managed" means you or someone from your department is the primary manager/editor of the web content; if web services or university marketing is the primary content editor, you will continue to work with them for changes, updates, etc.

** "university-affiliated" means the site is within the uwgb domain, or is an official presence for one of our departments or programs. We will not support personal projects or programs that are not affiliated with official university business. Please DO contact us if you have a program or project, but you are not sure if it would be considered "university-affiliated" or not- we are happy to discuss and brainstorm with you.