THEA 424 Sec. 001:

Advanced Technical Practice: Costume Crafts

Instructor: Kaoime E. Malloy

Spring 2003 MW 10:00 11:50 Office: TH 171 C

3 credits TH 131 x2193, 2153 Office Hours: TTH 1 2pm



Designing Apparel Through the Flat Pattern by Ernestine Kopp


This course fee for this class will be used to provide basic materials that will needed to complete many of the projects in class, such as: pattern paper; muslin for draping projects; dyes; millinery wire; and sizing. Each student will need to purchase additional materials, such as brushes and silk, in order to complete some of the projects.


In this course, the student will be introduced to some of the techniques used and items commonly constructed by a Theatre Crafts Artisan. This will include, but may not be limited to: millinery, painting and dyeing, flat pattern creation and alteration and draping.


Demonstrate the ability to construct a wire frame headdress.

Demonstrate the ability to mix silk dyes, and show a level of proficiency in the techniques of their application to fabric.

Demonstrate the ability to accurately create a basic flat pattern, and adjust its fit.

Demonstrate the ability to perform basic pattern manipulation and alteration.

Demonstrate the ability to drape basic garments on a mannequin, and to alter and manipulate patterns through draping.


Grading will be based on the successful completion of various projects in each category of instruction, and a final exam period project.


This class is of a studio nature. It is necessary for the student to attend all class periods in order to hear lectures, see demonstrations and experience practical applications of techniques. I cannot stress the importance of class attendance enough: it is critical in order for you to learn the skills necessary to complete both the in and out of class assignments. You are allowed two unexcused absences during the semester. Beginning with your third unexcused absence, and with each subsequent unexcused absence, your final grade will be lowered by one full letter. The student is responsible for making up any missed material due to an absence, excused or otherwise. Similarly, late assignments will not be accepted for full points unless you have an excused absence, or you contact the instructor prior to the due date to inform me of any extenuating circumstances. Any project that is late will be graded down one full letter grade for each class period in which the student fails to turn it in.


As required by federal law and UW-Green Bay policy for Individuals with Disabilities, it is important that if you have a documented disability and need accommodations to contact the Disability Services Office at 465-2841. Should you be unable to fulfill the class requirements due to disability related reasons, please contact the Professor and Disability Services Coordinator to determine if an alternative arrangement can be made. Reasonable accommodations can be made unless it alters the essential components of the class. These arrangements must be made within the first two weeks of class.



W 1/22 Introduction. Wire constructed hats.

F 1/24 Wire constructed hats

W 1/29 Wire constructed hats

F 1/31 Wire constructed hats

W 2/5 Wire constructed hats

F 2/7 Wire constructed hats

W 2/12 Serti Technique

F 2/14 Serti Technique

W 2/19 Serti Technique

F 2/21 Serti Technique

W 2/26 Serti Technique

F 2/28 Serti Technique

W 3/5 Basic sloper pattern drafting

F 3/7 Basic sloper pattern drafting

W 3/12 Basic sloper pattern drafting

F 3/14 Basic sloper pattern drafting

W 3/19 Spring Break

F 3/21 Spring Break

W 3/26 Basic pattern alterations and manipulation

F 3/28 Basic pattern alterations and manipulation

W 4/2 Basic pattern alterations and manipulation

F 4/4 Basic pattern alterations and manipulation

W 4/9 Basic pattern alterations and manipulation

F 4/11 Basic pattern alterations and manipulation

W 4/16 Basic pattern alterations and manipulation

F 4/18 Draping

W 4/30 Draping

F 5/2 Draping

W 5/7 Draping

F 5/9 Draping (Last day of Class)

F 5/16 10:30am 12:30pm - FINAL EXAM PERIOD