Extra Credit - Due Monday November 30th


Below are six movies that all utilize extensive visual imagery and elaborate design in order to support the plot and story.  Watch any one of these films, and write a two - three page essay in response to the film.  This is essentially a double weekly assignment, and is worth 10 possible points.  You should discuss the visual elements of the movie, as well as whether or not they supported the story, helped to tell the story, convey emotion or communicate ideas.  If you feel the visual elements were overwhelming to the presentation of the story, that is certainly a valid response.  You should also discuss the acting, as it is a critical element of film as an art medium - whether or not you believed the actor's performances, understood the message the film was trying to convey, what you think that might be, or if you found the performances confusing and unbelievable.  What you should not do is write a plot summary.  I have already seen these movies, and I know their plots.  You can however, discuss plot points and how they were supported by design and acting.