THEA 498 - Independent Study: Fashion History





Costume History and Style by Douglas Russell


Course Objectives

To familiarize the student with a basic overview of costume history and fashion from their origins to the 20th century, including social and political influences, clothing articles and terms, accessories, fashion trends, fabrics, gender roles and their application to the art of costume design.  Western civilization is the main focus of this course. 


Course Requirements

  1. Weekly assignments Each student will receive a weekly assignment to guide them in their independent study.  This assignment will take the form of a guide sheet with the following information:
    1. Name of the time period(s) to be researched.
    2. Historical chronology of the period.
    3. A list of costume terms to be researched and defined.
    4. A list of prominent artists from the period to be studied.
    5. Possible productions for which that time period may be suitable.


Using this guide sheet the student will complete the following:

a.     Research the time period.

b.     Make a minimum of five copies of relevant primary research.

c.     Write definitions for the costume terms provided.


  1. Research paper Each student will complete and 8-10 page research paper on one historical time period.  This paper should include:


    1. A general historical overview of the time period, including any relevant social, political or artistic influences that had an effect on fashion of the period. 
    2.  A general description of fashion of the period, including relevant terms, a discussion of fabrics, dyes, construction methods and techniques, gender roles, sumptuary laws and any other information deemed relevant to the period.
    3. An annotated bibliography with a minimum of five non-internet sources.
    4. A minimum of 20 Xeroxed examples of primary fashion research examples.
    5. A handout similar to those provided by the instructor.