AVD 261: Understanding the Arts - Fall 2009

Weekly Questions

Please Note: The date of the question indicates the date it is assigned, and not the due date.  Answers to the questions are due a week after they are assigned. The current question is highlighted.  Please play attention to these dates, as they relate to the material currently being covered in class. 

Date Due Date


9/04  9/09 No question.
9/09 9/16 Do you think that artists have special gifts that other, "ordinary" people do not, or do you think they acquire their skills through practice and effort?  Please explain why.
9/16 9/23 How would you define good and bad art? 
9/23 9/30 Have you ever had a strong emotional reaction, good or bad, to a work of art?
9/30 10/07 Can a work of art be ugly and still be art?
10/07 10/14 Does art in public places have to appeal to everyone?
10/14 10/21 Have you ever been offended by a work of art?  Please explain.  If not, please explain what might offend you.
10/21 10/28 Should members of your community be able to restrict which images you can and cannot see?
10/28 11/04 Has controversy ever influenced which movies you would or would not attend?  Please explain.
11/04 11/11 Can movie violence make the audience indifferent to real violence?  Can it make an audience member more violent?
11/11 11/18 Can television, with its fast pace and immediacy, make people less appreciative of the other performing and visual arts, such as painting sculpture etc?
11/18 11/25 Should you pay taxes to support struggling artists?  In other words, is it important or valuable that the arts be supported by public funding?
11/25 12/02 Would you got see a film, or a play, or an art exhibit or buy a book and read it simply because one of your favorite artists/authors/actors was involved in it, without knowing anything else about the project. (So, we are talking about the pull/influence of the artist alone).
12/02 12/09 Do we (humans) need the arts?  Why or why not?

Remember, on the week you present your Group Project, you are NOT required to do the Weekly Assignment.


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