THEA 325 Three Dimensional Makeup 

Professor Kaoime E. Malloy

TH 131 MW 2:00 - 3:50  Fall 2002

Credit Hours: 3

 Office: TH 171C 465-2193  Office Hours: M W 1-2pm

Text: Stage Makeup by Richard Corson required

Course Materials: Makeup Kit (required), supporting materials

Course Description: Basic principles of stage makeup and application. Students will design and execute various makeup applications using two and three-dimensional techniques. Various materials, use of light and color, character analysis and design will be discussed.

Course Objectives:

1. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the materials used in stage makeup.

2. Demonstrate a working knowledge of the techniques of makeup application and a basic level of skill in using those techniques through the design and execution of various types of makeup applications.

3. Demonstrate the ability to do appropriate and accurate research in the preparation of makeup designs.

4. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of wigs and hairpieces their construction, styling and maintenance.

Evaluation will be based on the successful completion of the following:

1. Completion of assigned readings and participation in class discussions of the same.

2. Preparation of makeup designs.

3. Completion of 8 major makeup designs/applications.

4. Completion of a makeup morgue.

5. Execution of a mask.

6. Final Project.


This is a studio course that requires your attendance in class in order to successfully learn the material and complete the course. Your attendance is required and will be calculated as part of the final course grade. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class. After three unexcused absences your grade will be lowered at the discretion of the instructor.

Special Needs:

As required by federal law and UW-Green Bay policy for Individuals with Disabilities, it is important that if you have a documented disability and need accommodations to contact the Disability Services Office at 465-2841. Should you be unable to fulfill the class requirements due to disability related reasons, please contact the Professor and Disability Services Coordinator to determine if an alternative arrangement can be made. Reasonable accommodations can be made unless it alters the essential components of the class. These arrangements must be made within the first two weeks of class.