Midterm Project: Art Collage

Due Monday, 10/26th


Assignment Objectives

The purpose of this assignment is to have the experience of creating an evocative piece of art. No previous art or drawing experience is necessary. The main objective of this assignment is to create a piece of art that actively communicates feeling to the viewer through the medium of two-dimensional collage. A collage is an assembly of materials, usually on a flat surface.


· Heavy weight paper for the base of your piece – such as construction paper, biology paper or posterboard. The color is your choice. The size is to be no smaller than 8 1/2 " x 11", and no larger than 12" x 14". You may use art board if you wish.

· Adhesive – glue stick or rubber cement is more forgiving and neater than white liquid glue.

· Two-dimensional materials for your collage. These may include: colored or patterned papers; images or words from magazines; pictures, letters or words from newspapers; stickers; stamps, even fabric as long as it is used two dimensionally.


1. Pick an emotional event from your life. This can be a positive or negative event, but it should be one where you emotions were strong. Try to remember how you felt in that situation. This subject matter has been chosen in order for you to have an emotional connection to your work.

2. Create a two dimensional collage that is representative of that emotion or of the experience itself. You should pick materials, colors, symbols, words and/or pictures that are evocative of the emotion or life event, and assemble them in such a way as to communicate them in an Analog form. You may find that you simplify the event or emotion down to a few core shapes or symbols, perhaps you may only need black and white imagery; or you may find that you need many colors, shapes and symbols, words or patterns to communicate it to the viewer.

3. You may include drawing in any two-dimensional materials that you wish – however, there is no expectation of drawing in the assignment.

4. Once completed, please put your name on the back of your collage before handing it in.

5. All pieces of the collage should be securely attached to the base paper. Neatness counts as part of your grade.

6. You are to include a brief written explanation of your piece in order to facilitate evaluation.


The professor is the only person who will see these projects.

Grading will be based on presentation, your commitment to the project, and your ability to communicate an idea. This project will be graded individually – no one’s work will be compared to anyone else’s, and on a pass/fail scale.