Production Practicum: Costume Shop

THEA 339

Fall 2006


Instructor: Kaoime E. Malloy                                  Phone: 465-2193 office, 2153 shop

Office: TH 171C                                                         Office Hours: T Th 1:00 – 2:00 pm


Course Objectives:

  1. To develop the student’s skills in creating costumes and accessories for theatrical productions.
  2. To increase the student’s understanding of the operation of a theatrical costume shop.
  3. To develop the student’s skills in serving on a costume running crew.
  4. To increase the student’s understanding of the operation of a theatrical costume run crew.


Be Advised this class requires students to:

  1. Use hand and power tools commonly used in sewing construction.
  2. Work with dyes, paints, glues, solvents and substances that require the wearing of additional protective devices.
  3. Work in storage areas, which may be dusty and damp.
  4. May require work during evening or weekend hours.


Required Equipment


Pad of Paper

Pen or Pencil


The Student will be instructed in the safe use and operation of all tools, tasks and systems.  A demonstration of an understanding of these safety procedures will be required.  If you are unfamiliar with a tool or procedure, ask for instruction BEFORE attempting a task.


Please be punctual and prepared to work at your scheduled times.  DO NOT come to work sick or under the influence of drugs (including prescription drugs which may cause drowsiness).



The student is required to schedule four (4) hours per week in the Costume Shop.  These four hours may be scheduled during any one of the following shifts.


Monday: 1pm – 5pm           Wednesday: 1pm – 5pm              


No more then four (4) students may be scheduled in the shop at any given time.



Grading is based on several criteria:


  1. The successful completion of the minimum required 40 hours in the shop or on a crew.
  2. Successful completion of assigned tasks –
  3. Attitude while in the shop.


Disability Needs


As required by federal law and UW-Green Bay policy for Individuals with Disabilities, it is important that if you have a documented disability and need accommodations to contact the Disability Services Office at 465-2841.  Should you be unable to fulfill the class requirements due to disability related reasons, please contact the Professor and Disability Services Coordinator to determine if an alternative arrangement can be made.  Reasonable accommodations can be made unless it alters the essential components of the class.  These arrangements must be made within the first two weeks of class.