· Two related entertainment genres sharing common themes:

1. The telling of a story

2. The revelation of character

Experiencing Theatre – the influences of theatre - 

Why go to the theatre and why study theatre?  3 reasons:

  1. Historical - Theatre is the foundation of all drama.
  1. Theatre is different from all other forms of theatrical presentation because it is live.
  1. Theatre has a twofold appeal:

Elements of Theatre –

Structure in Drama – Essentials of Dramatic Structure - 

The structure of a play is analogous to that of a building.

Theatre vs. Film - 

Theatre - 

· Origins in ancient religious ceremonies.

· Western Theatre as we know it today directly descended from the Greek festival of Dionysus.

· Performance is live.

· Intimacy

· Connection with the audience.

· Spectacle may be present.

· Each performance is unique and different.

· The playwright is sacrosanct. There is respect for the author’s work.

· A highly specialized cadre of creative and technical positions.

Film –

· Originates in the early 20th century.

· Performance is recorded.

· Intimacy is gained through camera angles and close ups.

· No direct connection with the audience.

· Each performance is identical.

· Spectacle is often present.

· Technical effects are often cutting edge.

· The screenwriter’s work may be continually reworked throughout the filming process.

· A highly specialized cadre of creative and technical positions that may number in the hundreds.