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Master of ScienceManagement

Core Classes

BUS ADMIN 589 Organizational Behavior ( 3 cr )

This course is designed to (1) provide you with a theoretical and critical understanding of organizational behavior and research; and (2) show you how these theories can serve as practical tools for understanding, predicting, and “controlling” individual behavior in organizations.

Prerequisites: Acceptance to the program, BA 382 or an equivalent.

BUS ADMIN 646 Advanced Corporation Finance ( 3 cr )

Financial Management examines the organization of advanced financial Management functions and principles for business.

Prerequisites: BA 343 and ACCTG 302 (or equivalent).

MGMT 730 Leading the Self ( 3 cr )

This course provides a framework for lifelong leadership development based on two perspectives: values-based leadership and competency-based leadership.

Prerequisites: BA 589

MGMT 735 Foundations of Strategic Information Management ( 3 cr )

This course is designed to bring students of each of the business disciplines including marketing, accounting, finance, management, economics, operations management and information systems knowledge about the following fundamentals of information technology: Design, implementation, control, evaluation, and strategy.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing

MGMT 745 Business and Marketing Strategy ( 3 cr )

The characteristics and management of markets are described in topics that include the business and marketing environment, components of the strategic marketing mix, market segmentation, planning and responding to competitors’ strategies.

Prerequisites: BA 589 and BA 646*
*Excluding Full time (and BEM) students

MGMT 750 Team Leadership ( 3 cr )

Builds on a basic understanding of groups and focuses on team dynamics and team organization. Theories and concepts related to quantitative and qualitative decision-making and planning are integrated from an individual and team perspective.

Prerequisites: BA 589

MGMT 758 Innovation and Entrepreneurship ( 3 cr )

This course will expose students to the vocabulary and concepts that are essential to innovation and entrepreneurship in today’s organization and show how these concepts can be applied to different organizational environments and situations.

Prerequisites: MGMT 745

MGMT 759 Managing Knowledge for Sustainability ( 3 cr )

This course will focus on leading, building, maintaining and measuring the value of knowledge management systems for sustainability. As the new knowledge economy continues to evolve, knowledge is being recognized as a key business asset and a crucial component of business strategy.

Prerequisites: BA 589 and BA 646*
*Excluding Full time (and BEM) students

MGMT 796 Professional Project ( 4 cr )

The course is designed to provide the students an opportunity to engage in a culminating educational experience, where the student conducts an individual study employing theory, concepts and methods learned in the Masters of Management program to solve a problem of significant importance from a practical and/or theoretical standpoint. The project should involve a synthesis of theory, concepts and methods learned in more than one course, and demonstrate knowledge of previous academic and practical work in the area of study.

Prerequisites: MGMT 745 and Graduate standing. It is recommended that students take this as their last course.