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Master of ScienceManagement

Elective Courses

MGMT 736 Business Analysis for Information Management ( 3 cr )

This course is designed to bring students emphasizing the Masters of Management the needed skills of analysis of current business information systems and the the suggestive updates or adjustments in order to find strategic advantage in design. Building on the foundational course, students develop advanced skills in the system evaluation.

Prerequisites: MGMT 745**
**Excluding 1st academic year of the program (2013-2014)

MGMT 737 Strategic Application of E-Commerce ( 3 cr )

The course challenges the students to explore business, technological and social perspectives to understand the strategic applications of e-commerce. It covers a wide range of current issues and challenges associated with managerial aspects of e-commerce.

Prerequisites: MGMT 745*,**
*Excluding Full time (and BEM) students
**Excluding 1st academic year of the program (2013-2014)

MGMT 798 Independent Study ( 3 cr )

Prerequisites: MGMT 745 and Graduate standing.