Dr. Marker discussing electrocardiography (EKG).


I am an Associate Professor of HUMAN BIOLOGY at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. My expertise is in the area of Exercise Physiology - particularly as it relates to metabolism and endocrine function during exercise. I am involved in a research study to assess to role of adrenaline (and noradrenaline) during cold exposure and fasting.  If you are interested in being a subject/participant (for a modest stipend) please visit the preceding link.

My main teaching responsibilities are in the area of Exercise Science, where I teach Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, AND Sports Physiology. I also work with students to set up Internships, usually in the area of Fitness/Exercise Physiology. Lastly, I am always eager to work with students who want to do independent studies - usually involving original research.

I teach other courses in the Human Biology department as well. They include Introduction to Human Biology, and Human Disease & Society.   I've also taught Human Physiology, Human Physiology Lab, Anatomy and Physiology Lab, Biotechnology and Human Values, and Fitness for Life.

Those of you in Introduction to Human Biology, may want to try out the practice quiz web site which consists of  a number of short "practice tests" (one from each chapter) that you can use to assess your understanding of the material.  It is also helpful in giving you a feel for the types of questions you will see on the exam.  I hope you enjoy it!

Below are a list of links that you may find of use:

Below are a list of links that you may find interesting:


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