Courses Taught by Professor Marker

478-102 Introduction to Human Biology 3 cr.
Basic concepts, principles, and processes in human biology; the origin of life, evolution, cells, population, genetics, reproduction, disease, the anatomy and function of major organ systems in humans.


478-333 Principles of Sports Physiology 3 cr.

Applications of exercise physiology in exercise training, conditioning, and athletic performance, including study of such factors as ergogenic aids, sex, age, and training. P: 478-102 or 204-202


478-350 Principles of Exercise Physiology 4 cr.

Fundamentals of physiology and exercise in humans, including the role of physiological systems in dealing with adaptations to acute and chronic patterns of exercise; measurement of various parameters associated with human performance, such as maximal oxygen uptake and body composition. P: 478-204 or 204-203 or Transfer course 204-002


478-351 Kinesiology 4 cr.

Anatomical and mechanical principles involved in human movement. Emphasis on musculo-skeletal anatomy and the structural-functional relationship associated with movement. Additional topics include the role and significance of joints, connective tissue, and nerves in bodily movement. P: [600-104 or 202] AND [478-204 or 204-203 or Transfer course 204-002]

478-402 Human Physiology 3 cr.

Physiological functions of major human organs other than central nervous system: cell physiology, enzymes, cell energetics; muscle function; autonomic nervous system; endocrine system; blood, oxygen and circulatory system; immune system; kidney, digestion; and the role of physiology in diseases and medicine. P: 478-204 with at least a C grade or 204-203 with at least a C grade or transfer cse 204-002; and 225-108 with at least a C grade or 212 with at least a C grade (F,S)

478-403 Human Physiology Laboratory 2 cr.

This course provides students with laboratory experiences designed to help them appreciate and understand the physiology of the major systems of the human organism. Classic and contemporary experiments will be used to provide students with an appreciation for the scientific method as well as the importance of technology in science. C.L. 820-403 P: 204-203 or 478-204 or 820-308 (SE)



478-205 Biotechnology and Human Values 3 cr.

Examination of technological developments in biology and medicine, including genetic, behavioral, and organism modification and the moral and ethical concerns raised by such technologies.



478-250 Fitness for Life 2 cr.

An introductory course pertaining to health related fitness, including its impact on society and the individual. Students will develop and implement a personal fitness program based on current research in the area. The role and value of fitness will be discussed in terms of physical and emotional health, heart disease, longevity, and quality of life.