Instructions for Selecting and Taking Quizzes

This self-administered quiz program has been designed to assist you in learning the materials for this course. It is much like a programmed learning exercise; you can see the answers if you desire to do so before taking the quiz, but what would you learn? Click on your selected quiz topic in the left window at the bottom of your computer screen. A quiz will appear in the bottom, right window of your computer screen. Go through the quiz and do your best to answer correctly.

When you have finished answering all the questions by clicking on the appropriate response buttons, use the "grade" button at the end of the quiz to receive your score. The score (and question #'s for correct and incorrect answers) will be displayed in the feedback table at the bottom of the quiz file window. If you desire to take the quiz again or change answers and regrade it, you may need to click on the reset button to clear all previous answers before doing so (this appears to be a function of browsers used).

After you get your quiz feedback, click on any question number with which you had problems and the correct answers will be displayed in the top half of your computer screen. There may also be additional information which has been supplied by your instructor. At times these additional materials will include hypertext links to other materials which could be useful to you as you study course topics.