Introduction to Human Biology


Dr. James Marker

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Exam #1

  1. The Nature of Scientific Research
  2. The Structure of Matter (atoms, molecules and compounds)
  3. Ions, Acids, Bases, and Buffers
  4. The Significance of Carbohydrates, proteins, Lipids, and Nucleotides in Human Physiology
  5. Cell Theory: The nature of the Cell and the Cell Cycle
  6. The Plasma Membrane and the Cellular Organelles
  7. The Four Basic Types of Tissue
  8. The Integumentary System (Skin)
  9. The Skeletal System
  10. The Structure and the Function of a Neuron
  11. The Basic Organization of The Nervous System
Exam #2
  1. The Basic Structure, and the Function of the Three Types of Muscle
  2. The Respiratory System
  3. The Cardiovascular System
  4. The Immune System
  5. Specific and Non-specific Immune Responses
  6. The Immune System in Relation to Blood Typing, Immunization, Allergy, and AIDS
  7. The Urinary System
Exam #3
  1. Digestion
  2. The Six Basic Nutrients
  3. Energy Producing Processes Within the Cell
  4. The Endocrine System
  5. Basis and Principles for Simple Mendelian Genetics
  6. Non-Mendelian and Sex Related Inheritance
  7. Structure and Fuction of DNA and RNA
  8. Protein Synthesis
  9. The Genetic Code: Base Sequences, Codons, and Mutations

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