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A troupe of musicians providing wholesome and uplifting musical entertainment!

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What do we play?


Folk music is the heart of our repertoire.  We perform a lot of  very traditional folk music - "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" etc.  We also enjoy doing classic (and sometimes unique) versions of some of the old 60's folk groups.  James and Bruce especially like Kingston Trio and Limeliters style music and can really get into it.  Whether wailing away on "Sing Out!" or crooning their way through "Less of Me", you are sure to get a lift from their music.


While not the essence of our repertoire, we perform many of the classics . You'll love Molly on "I'll Fly Away" and "Down to the River to Pray" or a full blend of Good News on... "Good News"!


We love the hymns as well!  We can do a variety of sacred music including hymns and contemporary Christian music.  You'll enjoy our sweet rendition of "Nearer My God the Thee" or "How Great Thou Art?"

Easy Listening /Pop

Having been influenced by the likes of John Denver and Peter Paul & Mary in our youth, we have a strong repertoire of easy listening/soft folk numbers we love to share.  This includes soft ballads as per "Today" and "Wonderful Tonight" as well as more upbeat numbers such as "If I Had My Way".


James has a fetish for this stuff.  He loves to get a chance to do "The Thing" or King Karekatus (if you can stay up with him on that one).   You'll find both the presentation and the presenter of these numbers will tickle your funny bone.  (He can even do some wacky science songs - "Junk Food Feeling... coming over me..."

Kids songs

James, a kid at heart, has a broad repertoire of fun kids songs which he has performed in schools and for kid/youth groups over the years.  Yes, it includes "Puff the Magic Dragon", but there are other fun songs like "Whistle" and "Five Little Speckled Frogs" that are sure to entertain the youngins'.


While we are not a Bluegrass band per se, our repertoire does include some Bluegrass-ish selections, e.g., Orange Blossom Special, Cripple Creek, and Old Joe Clarke.


Most, but not everything we do fits into one of these categories.  If you have a special request, let us know, and we'll see what we can do.  We are always willing to try new arrangements and/or styles.