Welcome to the Experiential Research Learning Program (ERLP)

The goal of the ERLP is to expose Human Development and Psychology students to research in a way that is interactive and fun. You can participate in a variety of research related activities to earn your research points.


  • Read the "Information for Students" document at this link. It will help you better understand the program and your responsibilities (Information for Students).
  • Create a User Account for the ERLP Management Website. You can do that by going to the following link (New User Registration) and filling out the form. Enter your name, user ID (your user ID is your UWGB E-mail address up until the @ symbol), and what courses you are enrolled in. A password will be E-mailed to you when you request your account. After you create your User Account you will be able to directly access the ERLP Management Website.
  • Log into the ERLP Management Website often by going to the following link (ERLP Management Website) and entering the username and password for the User Account you created. The ERLP Management Website is where research opportunities will be posted.

Some other things to note

  • Choose activities that are interesting to you. In previous semesters, those students who picked research activities that sounded interesting to them had a much better experience with the program.
  • Check the ERLP Management Website often as it will be updated frequently with new opportunities to earn research points. While there is no way of knowing how many different opportunities there will be this semester, we can promise you that you will have sufficient opportunity to earn your points as the semester goes on. We anticipate that there will be approximately 20 research opportunities, of differing point value, throughout the semester.
  • When you sign up for activities, please make sure you pay attention to the eligibility criteria for the activity. Not all students are eligible for all activities because researchers may be looking only for students who are currently in romantic relationships, are female, etc. It's your responsibility to know if you are eligible for an activity.
  • Track your research points using the ERLP Management Website. Points should be updated after a few days of participation in an activity. If you are concerned or have questions about your points, get in touch with the contact person for the specific activity.

Good luck with the program! We hope you enjoy participating and that you learn lots about the nuts and bolts of doing research.